The Royal Dutch Airforce sold the two last operational Fokkers to Peru
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We show our article, the Peruvian testflight and last departure from Lelystad Airport


A view at the Lelystad Airport platform from where the Prruvian testflights started
All precautions have been taken...
.... to secure safe flights
The Peruvian Navy logo was already fixed in Holland
Last final checks from both Peruvian- and Dutch mainatiance personell
Time to board now !
Lelystad Airport is small, and gives this way all time and possibility to do all that is neccessary
However in the near future Lelystad AP will be substantional increased
For the testflights the Dutch registration was to be carried on the tail still...
The U-06 ('Robbie Wijting') in earlier times, read about it in our story below
Peruvian crew has boarded for the testflight
Gentlemen, start your engines ;-)
Taxiing to the runway
A fine flight follows.... 
.... as well as a perfect landing.
Here a view on the 'Fons Aler' in it's hangar in the VIP color-sceme  
On with the program, testflight # II
Such a pity that the (developing) Dutch airplane industry got lost on this kind of loyal airplanes....
View in the cockpit....
...view in the passengers part ...
... even consultation and meetings were possible !
Final testflight
'The Winged Cigar is back'....
Our heartfelt thanks to Lelystad Airport that made this reportage possible for us ! Thank you !

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