Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2011

Piloot en Vliegtuig reports about the Gazelle to Colibri transition...
... which takes place in an outsourcing construction
Here we see the SA-341 French Army helicopter Gazelle...
... and this is it's opponent now the EC-120B Colibri from the company Helidax
The Colibri has a lot of possibilities, cockpits can be built as neccessary and desired 
Left we see left the old Gazelle analog cockpit, a badge and a pilot who will be late for his date ?....    :-)
Another view on the Gazelle, here at Dax open day in 2010 ...
.... It was a rainy day, so the best place was in the hangar....
Gazelles still ready to be used, their next or final destiny is not known yet...
In front of the tower this Gazelle honours it's name.
Stealing the show also ofcourse this new Helidax EC-120B, and a 'real Dax-hound' with pilot cap !
Helidax shows it's possibilities here at 100 Years Aeronavale France at Hyeres airshow.
A factory image of the EC-120...
... and sure it is a nice appearance !
These Gazelles show more 'military looks' in their camo-colors. The EC-120's are painted in the colors of DAX France.
If you want to read something about it, do use the buttons below. We end up here with two shining Colibri's !
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eeeeThanks to all involved helping us as it comes to accreditation and information. Also thanks to Marlo Plateeeee eeand Daniel Rodolfp Popinga for both EC-120 cockpit pictures !
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