UH-72H - LAKOTA US-ARMY        
'Pilot and Plane Military' published our article about the UH-72H LAKOTA - Hohenfelsi
A brandnew helicopter for the US Army at Hohenfels base Germany
The first European helicopter choosen by the Americans
Eurocopter Company hits the road !
First European manufactured helicopter....
... bougt by US ARMY
We take you to US Army base 'Hohenfels' Germany
Let's have a closer look at this remarquable state-of-the-art helicopter in modern materials and avionics
September 9th, on a cloudy / rainy day the UH-72 LAKOTA helicopter was officially taken into service
At JMRC Hohenfels Germany a group of international military and VIP's posed for our camera...
... to celebrate the inauguration of this new 'European' helicopter for US ARMY
This helicopter model is well known in Europe as the Eurocopter EC-145, but there are differences
 The Lakota is not manufactured in Europe but a product from EADS North America
This militarized version UH-72 is derived from the EC-145 andwon the prestigious LUH competition
The LUH (Light Utility Helicopter) was a competition of the U.S. Army to 'get the very best !
This multi-roler replaces the ageing UH-1 Iroquois en OH-58 Kiowa’s in Army and National Guard
It's a non-combat version, and can be equipped with for instance hoist facilities
EADS North America Company signed a contract for 345 examples, completely assembled in the U.S.A.
Let's have a look at the difficult to find airbase Hohenfels, or.... is it quite easy ??
Some general information on a fact sheet (see for more in German below)
The choice was: Unarmed, economical flying, medevac capability, support in ‘non combat environment’
Traditionally the UH-72A received the name of a native Indian tribe, the choice was made for Lakota.
The inside offers great flexibility for cargo, personell, and transport / care taking of victims.
Stretcher and 'attack-bag's ' are part of the medevac version
This medics-crew enjoys the demonstration, given for VIP's and press
The U.S. Army operates five versions with a non-standard Mission Equipment Package (MEP).....
.... the Medevac, Security & Support, VIP, Observer Controller and OPFOR dedicated to specific tasks.
Some details, a logo on the wall, and the Hohenfels tower ...
... and author Kees Otten in interview at the extended maintainance area.
It was not clear yet if the Blackhawk would remain stationed, it does have a large capacity.
The old Huey's (8) wait for their faith, possibly the'll join the Afghan police force.
The OPFOR Lakota's are (like the Huey's) painted in a special color sceme, below the standard sceme
The 'military EC-145' shows it's skills, it's very manoeuvrable, flexible and 'stupid-proof' ... :-)
Major Nick Sternberg explains and informs about the new acquired machines.
The first experiences are satisfactory. The UH-72 is more quiet than the UH-1H and a little bit smaller.
Some details: Discharge wire on the tail, to unload static electricity (left) a canle cutter (left-below)...
What ever made a Boeing crash (frozen pitot tube, air pressure/speed) is overcome by heating it
Here our impression stops, with logo's and the 'American Eurocopter' shield. We wish the US Army many good flights and happy landings in the years to come !
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Special thanks to Colonel Barker & Major Sternberg for support and having us !
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