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Piloot en Vliegtuig, the leading Dutch magazine reports about the MAKS !!
MAKS is there, and we tried to be there. It succeeded ! Here are the results.
Too many things to show, though we try to give you an extended overview anyway.
Aeronautica & Difesa, the leading Italian magazine also reports about the MAKS !!
Do scroll down, for images of show and exhibition !
For instance the 'Russian F-117' , Yes, they do have the technology ! What a beauty !
Showteams, new developments, an Aermacchi look-alike (The Russian developed version)
We'd say if you were'nt there: Enjoy our overview !
We start here with the A-380
Airbus takes every possibility of any importance... show this giant to public and businessmen, civil aviation companies etcetera.
Arro Lui, a robotic helicopter system developed by cooperation of Russia and the Czech Republic
This one we know, the AN-26   AM 158 debutes at MAKS 2011
'Big Burp':  Anything to transport ??   Just hire an Antonov 124 !
All day some interesting items in the air: Here demo-team 'The Baltic Bees'.
Berkut VL new heli with coaxial rotor
Black Jack ! We once had the opportunity to sit in the cockpit !
Many new items to see, like this Brahmos cruise missile
An American Eagle over Moscow, who ever thought this would be possible 25 years ago ??
But here it is, this F-15 from the USAF, as friend out of a forgotten cold war period.
As you can see there was no lack of interest.... nice weather for such a huge exhibition
 Also a very nice static with a variety on helicopters, like this Kamov KA-52
Seen from this angle it looks even more dangerous !
Kamov KA-226T Air Ambulance
Kamov KA-32A
Mai Robotcopter, can carry Kalashnikov's agains terrorist actions                           Kamov KA-32A 11BC
Promogirls, Public, Press, and Police, they all enjoyed these fine days at the MAKS
Who ever is able to picture such a giant Black Jack without people on these days ?......    :-))
Demonstrating kamov, and a complete pilot's suit with equipment
Su-30 Mk-II   Let's see some more on the next two pages ?
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