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On with the Program:
Now here you got some comments to give... Hit the sky, Leo !


A serie of pictures - Oostwold Airshow 2015 - Meet the team !
These are the present six young girls that 'Walk the Wings'
Oostwold Airshow: Participating Emily Guilding and Frea Paterson on the wings
One can't do it without the other: These are the six present pilots of the Wingwalkers Breitling Boeing Stearmans.
Oostwold Airshow: Participating David Barrell and Martyn Carrington
Frea and Emily prepare... and off they go !
So many pictures you'll think in a minute ? Yes, indeed ! Sometimes 2 seconds between them. But it shows... it shows...   !!
There they go, two mostly simultanious flying Stearmans !
Both pilots Martyn Carrington and David Barrell have to be 120% concentrated...
Martin usually flies as 'Wingman' because he likes to follow the leader as close and accurate as he can. 
Flying close formation is what he likes most.
David Barrell grew up near Duxford UK, so... what is there more to tell  ;-))
After he once flew in the back of a Harvard, he knew that he wanted to be a pilot himself.
David and Martyn worked a long time together, Martyn was David's Chief Instructor.
Hard to believe thar Freya studied 'Arts' at first, but she outpaced a 100 candidates and got the Breitling job !
Freya saw almost every European country, as well as China, Middle-East, Australia.....
She was used to perform, that is..... if you can call playing Disney Characters in a suit in Disneyland Paris performing....
What Freya likes most is the 'loop' which generates a windforce of 220 km/hour !
Emily got enthousiastic through her sister Stella, who already flew in the team since 2009.
Emily also loves more outdoor extremes like horseriding, skiing, mountain biking and now Wingwalking is added to her list.
Emily's common daily life: A job as a graduate geographer at a consultancy firm.....   
When Emily was tightening a member of the press for a wing walk.... 
.... it so much pleased her to see how agony of emotion transforms into elation after completion of the flight and the landing!
Wow !
Wow 2 !
The Boeing Stearman got his reputation since 1933
Worldwar II initialised the building of some 10.000 examples of the machine
The Stearman was intensively used 15 years after Worldwar 1 ended
The fuselage is built mostly out of steel, the wings out of wood.
Two wings are used to enlarge the 'lift' 
It was and is a perfect plane to teach pilots, and fly this machine 'stupid-proof'  ;-)
Ok, end of the Oostwold performance.
Perfect landings... when the Wingwalker climbs into the frontseat of the cockpit...
.... and climbs back on the wing once more to enjoy the public.
Let's see them pass once more...
Waving to the people behind the fences...
Thank you so much girls for this perfect demonstration on this perfect sunny day !
This goes for youtoo guys, since you have the responsability to fly perfect and get men, women and planes safe back on the ground.
(Left to right:) David Barrell, Emily Guilding, Frea Paterson & Martyn Carrington !
Many happy landings ! 
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