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Aeronautica & Difesa Italy reports shortly about the Dutch 'Open days' 2011
We show you the photographic impression, and a short story on page 2 (scroll down)
Dutch Open days were held this year at Leeuwarden Airforce base, due to budget cuts only held every two years now.
There was a lot to see, we cannot show all images but we hope you like the following selection:
Belgian F-16
Belgian A-109
The Dutch have two demonstrator teams now, the Orange F-16 Fighting Falcon...
... and the also spectaccular AH-64 Apache demonstrator, who showed some self defense with flares
Making a looping with a helicopter ??? It seems to be done
Not for nothing it is said: 'As finishing touch, God created the Dutch !' They show !
Bae Hawk showing out...
Also the 'Golden Oldies'were seen as this famous Dakota
Foreigners also find the way: The Epsilon
  Pilot suits and ejector seat s were shown
AH-64 team demonstrated some 'operational action'
Beware... don't mess with this machine !
Italian MB-339 (L) and nowadays more and more civil companies are hired for specific jobs... (R)
Dutch Coastguard Dornier
This Turkish demonstrator also stole the show ! (also see our impression mainpage of 100 Years Turkish Airforce)
Flying hunters, one reason to join such days...
Another reason was the first landing of the C017 Globemaster from Papa, flown with entire Dutch crew !
On page two of this impression you can find a complete article about this exclusive Globemaster event !
Also a beauty to see: The Belgian demonstrator departs...
.... ready to make it's demonstration for the public.
Oh... too much: Also the Turkish demonstrator 'Soloturk'.
See more of the Turkish 100 Years airforce celebration on this website !
The Golden Oldies seem to have fun, watching the show themselves, we continue on page 2 (below)
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