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We hereby present a rectification concerning an NTM Tigermeet picture
Mistakes are made sometimes. Anyone who works knows these things can happen.
In a Former Fuerza Aerea this picture was published, without the proper credits.
The F-16 picture was made by Lt.Col. V.M. Stams from Belgian Airforce
Though Lt.Col. Stams did not insist in a rectification, we think it's a proper choice to publish this anyway.
We prefer to do so in the magazine as well as on our internet site.
Lt.Col Stams, Thanks for your cooperation !!
To honour your splendid work, as a fighter pilot as well as a photographer some extra images of your work!
Belgian F-16 in Tiger colors. Who ever brushed this plane did a phantastic job !!
So near, eye - to - eye with your fellow pilots!
Above the clouds there's always sunshine !!
Please do fly with us to KLEINE BROGEL in PEER Belgium and enjoy the NMT impressions!
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