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30 Years in service of Polish Airforce, the Sukhoi-22 at Swidwin. 

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iThe story of an old but durable and strong airplane: SUKHOI SU-22i

Landing on just a small land-road.
A pair of Fitters, taxiing to the runway
Hoisting the flag during the solemnly ceremony
The celebration. The weather was not cooperating so much this day...
View of a SU-22 Fitter flying on the celebration day.
The flightline on celebration day.
In between the flights the ground-crews enjoy the environment. 
Improvised home base for the landed SU-22's along the highway.
The actual landing on a highway strip. Supposed the airfield is destroyed, the SU-22 can land on a highway strip or even a strong B-road !
An improvised communication-team along where the planes land in the woods between the trees.
A pilot just landed. Procedures remain the same (standard) but the location is... between the trees.
Plane is ready for take-off, also between trees and grass in the woods.
Some refuelling actions also happen in the 'dark' woods...
Starting up the basic way, without the facilities of a regular home-base.
Taxiing to the 'runway'for take-off.
An actual take-off, this requires much experience of the pilots because trees are right next to you the first part.
A SU-22 at Swidwin, with Tiger markings
The classic lines of the SU-22 can be appreciated in this image.
A Fitter near its HAS at Swidwin air base.
 Performing maintainance on a Fitter.


Place and date: June 28th at Swidwin Airbase Poland.
Officials were invited, people from the military, civil officials, factory etcetera
In spite of the weather it was a well visited day, this special occasion
Honour for the Polish Flag
Next to the high ranked persons there were also groups in old uniforms of earlier days.
Off course: Music Maestro !


Speaking in terms of plane-generation the SU-22 (Nato nickname ‘Fitter’) is not the most sophisticated and most modern plane there is.
The plane sure is one of the most strong airplanes of the former Soviet sattelites.
After destroying an airfield the machine possibly had to be able to land anyway on or near the destructed airfield or on narrow roads 
To achieve that the SU-22 Fitter is equipped with an extreme strong undercarriage...
DOL, means Drogowy Odcinek Lotniskowy or 'highway strip landing' which can be even a narrow sandy road.
Do read about it in the article on the bottom of this page.


The SU-22 shows its nine hardpoints.
Fitter in front of the Swidwin control tower.
A view in the analog cockpit.
However today in most air forces the type is phased out, but Poland is following a different vision on this.
Earlier in time we were able to make pictures by extreme good weather.
The Fitter is a reliable plane and it will remain in service at least till 2018. Even there are plans to upgrade the type after 2018.
As most planes in their advancing years the su-22 was continuously developed to the level 'most powerful Warsaw pact Fighter-Bomber'.
To give you as visitor of this website even more showimpressions, we'll show you some more SU-22 Fitter images of the celebration day.
SU-22 impression
SU-22 impression.
SU-22 impression.
SU-22 impression.
SU-22 impression.
SU-22 impression.
SU-22 impression.
SU-22 impression.
SU-22 impression.
SU-22 impression.
SU-22 impression.


Some visitors from the country came to show themselves as well ro the public, as this Mig-29 Fulcrum.
The Fulcrum is a parade-horse of the Polish Airforce as well.
View at the platform during the show.
Refuelling and checking after every flight.
The Fulcrum is a very strong jet as well.
... Though... pilots state that an experienced SU-22 pilot can be too heavy for a beginning Fulcrum pilot who will loose the fight !
Detail of refuelling the Fulcrum.
So far then.
PZL W-3 Sokol helicopter in view.
Its a medium light transport helicopter.
The helicopter can also act as anti-tank, installing mines, and other air-to-ground attacks.
Almost last but not least a welcome guest and treat for the eye: an American Blackhawk helicopter 
The Bryza is a light weight transport helicopter.
So far this impression of the SU-22 celebrationday. Thanks for being with us !
That's all folks !
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