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Probably the worlds largest photographic overview of this TuAF celebration on the web !
100 Years of Turkish Airforce celebration Izmir 2011
Ptisi Greece published this Dutch Aviation Support Article
Read about the special and unique event where various squadron leaders flew with the New Turkish F016 Demoflight !
Have a look at the platforms...
... and the various demonstrations...
... new techniques and 'Phantoms Phorever'...
but also the newest material and techniques in aviation !
Turkish airforce  provided press and spectators with excellent information and magazines
We will add some of that in a number of European independent aviation magazines, like these 'heatwaved' NF-5A/B's
Next to the 'Food & Beverage'hangar this supporting Polish Casa 295
The Socata TB-20 on the second day, positioned on the platform.
The JSF, or Joint Strike Fighter, or F-35 Lightning II (Lockheed Martin)
The F-35 project is quite controversial, since the cost for the participating countries grow and grow...
Still this 'fully equipped' F-16 doesn't matter about that, he's ready to accept any mission !
The crowd was treated on some nice parachutists droppings...
... and the CN235M-100 deonstrates...
... the RF-4ETM Phantom demonstrates...
... as well as the 73-1022 does...
... all is under control as it comes to observing, safety, you name it. No problem sitting on such a prominent place...
Especially the appearance of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) F-16’s and JF-17 Thunders were surprising.
Pakistan had main role in the display programme demonstrating both types which was above all expectance !
On display and exhibition F-16 and JF-17 were some seldom seen aircraft in Western regions, highlighting the show
Turkey and Pakistan express both their warm relationship which is felt as brotherhood
Teams got to know eachother, here Pakistani and Spanish crews
Relations between Turkey and Pakistan have lead to mutual participation in Anatolian Eagle and Indus Viper exercises.
The air show in Izmir 4-5th of June 2011 became the leading event of the celebrations....
So many people got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see all these types of planes from nearby
Thanks to these air-air refuelling planes the Turkish AF can participate in the several international exercises...
... here demonstrating the 'boom' down, to receive a thirsty fighter any moment.
Commander Taşši used an alternative way to speak to the people in front of him. The Solo-Turk pilots pose for the camera
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Contribution of the Turkish Airforce (credits)
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