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100 Years of Turkish Airforce Party
We show you all articles and impressions in this 9 pages overview !
Pilots and Planes Military July 2011
Pilots and Planes Military July 2011
Pilots and Planes Military July 2011
Pilots and Planes Military July 2011
Pilots and Planes Military July 2011
We contributed in these seven shown EU magazines, still more to come !
These nine pages will take you through the 100 Years Celebration called 'Turkish Airforce Competes With The Age', it will show you most types, details, show-impressions and articles, also some extra impressions of the town of Izmir and environments. Next to aviation also some 'good advertising' as it comes to tourism, and finally a Hotel-tip as well.
We write minor information about the pictures to keep it light and accessable. Have fun joining us !
IWelcome to the gate of 100 Years Turkish Airforce celebration, welcome to the gate of Izmir AFB !
The gate invites to a closer look, also the relics situated next to it as this T-33A-1 Lockheed Shooting Star or 'T-Bird'
We show you some nice details as this air-defence cannon, and a well preserved F-100F North American Super-Sabre
T-34A Beechcraft Mentor shows very 'operational', while the UH-1 Huey tries to hide in the environment with his camo
The UH-1 is still a very reliable workhorse in many airforces, this example serves as gateguard in it's old days now.
The T-34 once more, then again you don't often meet such a relic so well preserved, you will see it 'operational' later on
These show days will concern old planes, hohouring past and present, and young pilots who will be flying in future...
A most beautiful relic, F-4 McDonnell Phantom on the base near the car-parking
So, once again: Turkish Airforce competes with the age, and we'll show you the way it's done !
First of all, let us introduce Basecommander Chief of Staff Taşçi, who gave us Press and visitors a warm welcome !
Inside the press tent, the interpreters who translated the speech, and right (press) officials near the Press tent
As stated we show you most of the types of planes, in use- or used such as this fine Northrop NF-5 advanced trainer...
... the first one we got to picture during our press visits at Izmir Airforcebase
An impression of the well visited static platformshow, the enjoying spectators, young, old, about three generations...
We show extended views of the flying aircraft and runway activities like Turkish Stars and Solo-Turk team...
... such as this twin-seat team-mate of the Fabulous Turkish Stars Demo-team !
These guys are real acrobats and can compete with the USAF Thunderbirds or US Navy Blue Angels !
Many nations sent their representatives, press, VIP's, many spotters joined the forces of spectators
In non-chronological sequence the various planes will pass, such as the Italian Demo-team Frecce Tricolore...
... and the shining Dutch F-16 'Fighting Falcon' in the ( national Royalty & Football ) color Orange
Ofcourse we Dutch spend a few pictures on this one....  :-))
Then again, it's a 'natural beauty'...
.... once more with break-chute, picture heavily 'destroyed' by heatwaves, the temperature was high...
Polish Iskra Demo-team
AS-532UL Eurocopter's Cougar
This guy showed some commando's, equipped with the Turkish flag. Shown later on in these pages.
Autor Kees Otten in interview with Chief of Staff Commander Tasci :  Nice Boss, Happy Staff !!
Even an Algerian Hercules from Boufarik Algeria joined the party !
Some heavy transportplanes accompanied their teams or just visited, more to come on the coming pages.
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